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Roshan Global Services Ltd works io provide a safer, healthier, cleaner and environmentally friendly products that will improve the standard of living of people and at the same time save the environment.

Clean and renewable energy solutions has presented new and endless dimensions in solving the nation’s energy problems in a fast growing society like Nigeria where citizens do not have access to affordable energy, households and businesses spend huge amounts and rural communities depend solely on wood thereby putting lots of pressure on the environment without effort to recreate thus the impending environmental issues such as drought, erosion and desertification.

Our goal is to give access to clean cooking education, cleaner and energy efficient cookstove, and fuels to a million households by 2025.

Roshan Global Services is Working

We aim to be the most competitive and the most productive renewable energy company in the Country. Our goal is to give a million Nigerian households currently depending on polluting stoves and fuel access to clean cooking education, energy efficient cookstove and fuels by 2025


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Roshan Global Services Ltd adheres to the utmost standards in service delivery and maintains the international quality benchmark in fabrication and construction of renewable solutions by working with professional and maintaining rigorous quality assurance control and trace-ability through our world class partners.
We have a team who assures of best quality and knowledge of regulatory and international market requirements. Simply put, Roshan Global Services Ltd only delivers on the highest quality and functionality available globally.

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Roshan to start manufacturing briquettes

Our Briquettes production will commence from Feb 2017 in both kano nano and Jigawa state

The all new improved Happy stove (medium)

We are modifying our medium Happy stove to ensure better performance and efficiency.

Since I using Happy Stove, I now save #100 everyday and my eyes
does not pain me again and I have been earning extra
money by selling the stoves to other women

Madam Lami Location, NIgeria

I have not experienced any asthma attack since I started using
Happy Stove and it has saved me #500 a week which I now
use to buy other things needed in the house.

Mrs David Dikko, Niger State