About us

Working everyday for the people.

Roshan Global Services was incorporated on 17th Day of June , 2013 under the Company and Allied Act of 1990 with Nigeria's Corporate Affairs Commission.

Roshan Global Services was established to focus on manufacturing renewable energy solutions and to provide services around the same

Roshan Global Services Ltd works to provide a safer, healthier, cleaner and environmentally friendly products that will improve the standard of living of people and at the same time save the environment.

Clean and renewable energy solutions has presented new and endless dimensions in solving the nation’s energy problems in a fast growing society like Nigeria where citizens do not have access to affordable energy, households and businesses spend huge amounts and rural communities depend solely on wood thereby putting lots of pressure on the environment without effort to recreate thus the impending environmental issues such as drought, erosion and desertification.

Our goal is to give access to clean cooking education, cleaner and energy efficient cookstove, and fuels to a million households by 2025.

Our employees are dedicated to projects through all stages of implementation. Since its establishment, Roshan Global Services has worked for both governmental and non-governmental organisations and  have helped grow local economies, improve the quality of life for communities and people around the country. 

Corporate Values